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Stay Violent Tactical Coffee is the brainchild of Gavin Prescott, a military veteran with a genuine passion for quality coffee. Having understood the vital role a solid cup of coffee plays for everyone in the armed forces, he has taken on the challenge to produce a range of coffee products that doesn’t disappoint on performance or flavour.





Ready When You Are

Stay Violent Tactical Coffee has been designed to not just be a delicious hot beverage and morale booster. Our range of coffees have been selected to give you the edge you need, no matter your profession. Whether you are a mixed martial artist, Maybe you're preparing yourselves to tackle that gruelling CrossFit WOD you always dread, Simply a squaddie on hardness deployment somewhere, or you have taken the role in the private security sector & have tasked on a night deployment, you are just looking for a natural, delicious alternative to sugary energy drinks – Stay Violent is your go to.

Our military coffee products 







Why Stay Violent?

Coffee Lovers

We are genuine coffee lovers who understand that coffee is not all about its strength, but its versality and flavour

Veteran Background

We are a veteran owned coffee company. Coming from a professional military background, we know what armed personnel are looking for in a cup of coffee

Properly Sourced

All of our coffee beans are selected for their premium quality and roasted professionally, ensuring each cup is top-quality.




If you are looking for a coffee that won’t let you down in the field, then take a look at our selection and remember to get in touch with us if you have any suggestions or feedback.

We are proud of our coffee blends and would love to hear your feedback!

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